Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

I just found this new site.I have no idea if it is paying or not.It has 3 plans for investment

10% in 3 days with minimum investment 0.005 BTC

50% in 10 days with minimum investment 0.05 BTC

600% in 30 days with minimum investment 0.5 BTC.

I am not the admin of this site nor have I invested yet. For anyone wishing to invest here is the link

Hello there yash!
Let me quote what arbitrage admin did wrote about his platform when contacting with me:
all is fake
f#ck you too
I’m admin of arbitrage
and f#ck your mother”.

Sorry for the words but i just quoted what he said .
And if you can please help me to make a report of them.
And here:
Of course its scam don’t invest in these Vietnamese scumbags platform.
Thank me later.